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  • “ Build Stuff was a great event set in a pool of people that amplified it to “astonishing.” I met so many interesting and interested people that my poor memory lost track.” “I’ve organized a few conferences and attended many, and want to take a moment to imagine the perfect event. Code Mesh was great, and Build Stuff came close to perfect on many levels (beyond the superficial), and left many people in a similar and precious state of dream shock, I think. It’s only when we escape the imaginary confines of our “real life” that our minds open to new realities. ”

    Pieter Hintjens

    Pieter Hintjens

    Author of ZeroMQ

  • “ I think the best thing about the conference was its diversity. Usually I attend various Java- or JVM- themed conferences. BuildStuff, on the other hand, is truly a software development conference. There were talks on F#, Erlang, Scala, (other languages), Agile as well as general “philosophical” talks. It’s really interesting to find out what’s happening outside of your usual ecosystem – there may be some great ideas waiting!” ”

    Adam Warski

    Adam Warski

    CTO and co-founder of SoftwareMill

  • “ Conferences are brain food – so thanks to everybody I met and talked to in London and Vilnius, I guess I’ll be carrying on the conversations we have some time next year. ”

    Joe Armstrong

    Joe Armstrong

    Co-author of Erlang

  • “ Finally, one highpoint of the year was the month of December, which gave me the chance to get to know the European community better. I had the pleasure to speak at BuildStuff in Vilnius, which was a fantastic conference. Greg, Neringa and Laura put together the kind of event you know you won’t forget – great speakers, of course, but also, and perhaps more importantly, an event with a soul. So thank you guys, and everyone I had the pleasure to talk to there! ”

    Mathias Brandewinder

    Mathias Brandewinder

    Machine learning expert

  • “ Buildstuff was amazingly well organised, and besides the flawless flow of the whole conference programme there has also been a charity for us all to participate in.” “Buildstuff really did bring the right people together, it was a way more engaging croud than on most other conferences I have seen so far, and there was a lot of extra time between the talks to get into each others brains. ”

    Marco Heimeshoff

    Marco Heimeshoff


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