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Markus Leutwyler – Javascript Robotics Master Class 399€ (Early bird ends: 2018-03-18 ) 479 €

Developers, this is your chance to dive into the World of Hardware! Javascript is already the most used Language on the Web that it makes sense to use it for Robotics as well! Ever more powerful and cheap Microprocessors (Arduino, Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi) combined with Javascript Frameworks for Robotics (cylon/johnny-five) enable to easily build even complex robots. We start by learning about 2d and 3d design and digital fabrication, continue with assembling the 2 wheeled wireless Robot Kits, which features custom Lasercut and 3D printed parts, then decorate them to your taste and finally program the Robot with Javascript! We continue with integrating various actors and sensors (Line Follower, Display, Accelerometer, …) and extend the programming to integrate them.

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